About Us

Cubey is a platform that allows users to easily invest in digital property shares with full transparency. It also enables property owners and developers to raise capital through the issue of digital property shares. The emphasis is on a more efficient property network, that provides incentives for both asset owners and investors.


After years in property development, our founder, Kevin Sharkey nurtured an interest in blockchain.

He realised that the objective of connecting investors with property owners in a more collaborative way & taking out the expensive intermediaries and barriers was achievable with Blockchain.

Kevin understands that people want to invest without the legal ties to a property ownership & to be able to have the potential of entry and exit to the market whenever they wish. Using his experience of the property market, he could see the advantages of cutting out expensive middlemen, streamlining financing & improving trust in transactions

With this vision in place, Cubey was born.

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Cubey is backed by Key Land Capital Ltd.
Key Land Capital Ltd is a property development and investment company focussed on residential and commercial sites across the UK.