What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a special type of distributed ledger, in which transaction records are distributed across a network of various locations and institutions. Blockchain technology is like a shared database. Blockchain allows multiple parties to share information that can be time stamped and without the need for an intermediary to verify or control that information.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain technology has quickly become one of the strategic priorities of some of the most influential companies and business leaders worldwide. Blockchain has potential to reduce costs, create capital, enhance systems of trust, minimise inefficiencies and radically transform business models.

How do I get started with Cubey?

You can begin by signing up here!

After your application has been reviewed we will email you with instructions to set up your account.

Who can use the platform to invest?

Anyone who has signed up on our platform, completed the compliance checks and received a verification email will then be able to access Cubey.

How do I pay my money into Cubey?

We have a range of secure wallet options, including direct bank transfer & plan to allow the use of Cryptocurrency in the near future.

What is the minimum investment amount?

This varies with each of our opportunities & offerings – it can be as little as £1000.

How do you pay interest & dividends?

These will be paid directly through our platform & you will see them on your investor dashboard

What am I investing in when I use Cubey?

An investor who joins our platform acquires shares of the UK company that owns real estate asset on the blockchain. These shares represent ownership of the UK Limited Company.

How can I list my real estate asset on the platform?

To have your real estate asset converted into digital shares and listed, please sign up as a seller when creating your account. A member of our team will be in touch.

How do I get investors to fund my asset?

We are working with our current partners to onboard investors. We will also, in parallel, work with you to identify the appropriate investors.

What is the process for creating a digital share?

After signing up as a seller, and you and your asset have been approved to be listed, the Cubey team will work with you to create and distribute shares of your asset.

Do taxes apply to real estate shares?

Yes. While Cubey cannot provide legal or tax advice, we recommend reading HMRC guidance relating to tax on cryptoassets which can be found at:
Tax On Cryptoassets

Is Cubey available in other countries?

Currently the focus is on the UK property market, but we are working on expanding the portfolio over time.

Are shares on Cubey regulated products?

They are not FCA regulated, but we work with property owners and sponsors to determine the best security and legal structure for each property to protect investors. These rules are then built into the smart contract on Blockchain and included in your tokens.

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