The Future of Property Investment

Property has been one of the most popular asset classes for decades now, and for good reason. Apart from the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 and 2009, UK house prices have risen every year and regularly exceeded 5% a year growth. In addition to this, the potential of property development profits, where house-builders and developers take an existing property and add significant value by converting or upgrading the building, have consistently topped 15% annualised returns.

However, access to these markets are not always easy, unless you’ve got the infrastructure to perform the developments yourself, the time to project-manage the work or to find the right property to buy.

Cubey closes that gap…now as a sophisticated investor, you can browse available projects, choose whether you want the regular income an established building can provide or want to participate in an exciting new development. You can choose the level of investment you want to commit and purchase interest in just that portion of the building, using a blockchain contract, which removes the requirement for bespoke contracts every time.

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Why does Cubey use Blockchain?

Blockchain has become famous (or maybe infamous) due to its link to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. However, they are quite distinct. Blockchain is a distributed ledger that underpins the way Crypto currencies are produced and controlled.
Blockchain can be used to power and control any accounting process. The Cubey tokens produced by blockchain:

  • Record the existence of assets
  • Guarantee that they can’t be spent twice
  • Protect any changes and ensure they are only updated in accordance with their governing smart contract
  • Are validated by all users of the blockchain technology across the world – so are immutable (unable to be changed) – providing excellent security and preventing fraud
    So for investors, Blockchain has great advantages over current paper-based processes, pdf contracts and inefficient fee structures
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Market Performance

All Cubey offers are carefully selected by our team and centred on a mainly value-add and opportunistic approach to asset acquisition, which is not restricted to one sector and based on evaluating each opportunity on the ability for us to ‘add value’ to the asset. This limits exposure to sector specific fluctuations.
We do this using our internal property expertise, training and knowledge of the local market.
Investments are subject to a rigorous financial assessment and all valuations completed by reputable and RICS accredited surveyors.
The expected return for each opportunity is outlined in the Cubey platform, based on a long track record of achieving strong yields for our investors.

How do I invest with Cubey?


Go to our website; and click on REGISTER NOW.
You will need to complete a simple form to confirm you are an eligible investor.

Research our opportunities

Once registered, you can then access the key details of our live and completed offers – including property information, rates of return and investment terms.

Verify yourself (digtally)

When you’ve decided to invest, click the INVEST NOW button on the website to enter our platform and create your personalised dashboard you will be guided through these simple steps to become a verified investor;

  • Confirm your identity (through quick and easy upload of a photo of passport and utility bill)
  • Self-certify as a sophisticated or high net-worth investor
  • Set-up your digital wallet – this will hold your blockchain tokens

At which point you’ll be able to log into the live Cubey opportunities at any time you want and complete your investment.

Fund your investment

Now all that remains is to locate the opportunity you are interested in, choose your amount and fund directly (using a bank transfer so you are sure it reaches Cubey safely).

We’ll confirm your investment in the platform and by email. Then, when all the cubes are sold, the blockchain issuance will take place and your wallet will be updated.

Throughout your term…

At any time, you can check your balance, view dividends, contact us for information or track the performance of your investment.

When our secondary trading market is launched, we will automatically give you access and explain how to utilise it should you want to sell on your Cubes.

Types of Investment on Cubey

Cubey offers several different types of investment opportunities which are categorised as follows:

  • Income Producing Asset

These properties do not involve any development or refurbishment works and already have tenants in place paying rent. These are seen as lower risk investments that can provide steady income and capital appreciation.

  • Development Scheme

These typically involve new build development or more intense refurbishment. There is currently no tenants in place and the completed scheme will either be sold on the open market or leased out to new tenants once it is completed. These schemes are typically more higher risk but provide higher rates of expected return.


  • Debt Investment

When investing in real estate debt instruments, the investor is acting as a lender to the property owner or the deal sponsor. The loan is secured by the property itself and investors receive a fixed rate of return that’s determined by the interest rate on the loan and how much they have invested. In a debt deal, the investor is at the bottom of the capital stack which means they have priority when it comes to claiming a payout from the property.

  • Equity Investment

In this scenario, the investor is a shareholder in a specific property, and their stake is proportionate to the amount they have invested. Returns are realized in the form of a share of the rental income the property generates, less any service fees paid to the. Investors may also be paid out a share of any appreciation value if the property is sold.

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